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My name is Katherine.
21 year old space explorer extraordinaire. Hideously awkward and desperate for love.
Join my ranks?

“The biggest coward of a man is to awaken the love of a woman without the intention of loving her.”

—   Bob Marley (via erin-madeline)

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Does anyone know Dan and Phil’s address?

okay no offense but your stalking skills could do with a little more finesse

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M83 - Midnight City

M83 – Midnight City (Acoustic)

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“Some people turn sad awfully young. No special reason, it seems, but they seem almost to be born that way. They bruise easier, tire faster, cry quicker, remember longer and, as I say, get sadder younger than anyone else in the world. I know, for I’m one of them.”

—   Ray Bradbury, Dandelion Wine (via larmoyante)

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Omfg I’m dying


Omfg I’m dying

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Reminder to Australia: Hogwarts survived Umbridge. We can do this.

Hogwarts survived Umbridge by forming an army behind her back then leaving her in the forest for dead…

that’s right. take notes

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Can I suck your dick?
*Teacher pops out of nowhere*: I don’t know, CAN you??

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“Feed me to the wolves,
let them have my flesh. I am
something skin can’t hold.”

—   r.l.m, “wild thing” (via mazzello)

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“Stars are not small or gentle.
They are writhing and dying and burning.
They are not here to be pretty.
I am trying to learn from them.”

—   Caitlyn Siehl, “Sky Poem” (via brambleheart)

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Angus & Julia Stone - Heart beats slow



Angus and Julia Stone - ‘Heart beats slow' pre-order their album now

Well I heard you were
You were lying
About how brave you are
Well I heard you were
You were still trying
Trying to get back to the start

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“Everyone’s just looking for reasons to wake up and get out of bed, some do it for nothing but a kiss, perhaps a cup of coffee, others have a harder time; no train to catch, no hand to hold, no reasons at all.”

—   Unknown (via blurrymelancholy)

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“To burn with desire and keep quiet about it is the greatest punishment we can bring on ourselves.”

—   Federico García LorcaBlood Wedding and Yerma (via wordsnquotes)

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working retail


me: hi how are you today?
customer: JUST LOOKING.

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